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GEM/2024/B/4596367Supply of Virtual Dissection Table (01 No).13 Feb 2024 Click Here
GEM/2024/B/4493954Supply of Vitrectomy Machine with Phacoemulsification(01 No).13 Feb 2024 Click Here
GEM/2024/B/4506954Supply of Air Oxygen Blender.06 Feb 2024 Click Here
GEM/2024/B/4494248Supply of Ophthalmic Operating Microscope (01 No).27 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2024/B/4494099Supply of Advanced Phaco emulsification Machine (01 No).27 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2024/B/4511978Supply of Medical Stools or Chair.24 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2024/B/4469996Supply of Neonatal High Flow Nasal Cannula and Cpap Combined Unit.17 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2024/B/4476091Supply of Pneumatic Tube System13 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2024/B/4439070Supply of Radiofrequency Ablation Machine09 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2024/B/4424189Supply of Integrated Charting System with High End Multipara Monitor.09 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4384484Supply of Simulation Lab Set up on Turn Key basis.09 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4275411Supply of Pediatric Multipara Monitors01 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4275922Supply of Pediatric Ventilators (high end)01 Jan 2024 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4270864Procurement of Blood Bag Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge30 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4302294Procurement of Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer30 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4387803Procurement of Syringe Infusion Pump30 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4403912Supply of Drone Delivery Service (01 no) 28 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4348234Supply of Colposcope.23 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4301893Supply of Bubble CPAP System (Neonates).22 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4373615Supply of T Piece Resuscitator22 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4337085Supply of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).21 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4337269Supply of 64 Slice Computer Tomography (Virtopsy Unit).21 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4354426Supply of Non-Refrigerated Multipurpose Centrifuge (03 nos)16 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4284252Supply of Delivery Bed15 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4268727Supply of Servo Controlled Therapeutic Hypothermia 15 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4266563Supply of Open Care Neonatal Resuscitation Trolley.15 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4276081Supply of EMG NCV EP Machine (01 nos).15 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4324554Supply of Surgical Operating ENT Microscope.14 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4299461Supply of Negative Wound Pressure Therapy14 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4246537Supply of Automatic External Defibrillator13 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4263856Supply of Heated Humidified High Flow Nasal Canula System06 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4263504Supply of Neonatal Radiant Warmer05 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4207179Supply of Portable Ultrasound Machine(1nos)04 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4234920Supply of Semi Dry Western-blot Transfer Device02 Dec 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4259957Supply of Pneumatic Tube System (1set).29 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4248559Supply of Neurosurgical Instrument Set 28 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4229543Supply of High Flow Nasal Cannula Unit24 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4189908Supply of Ophthalmic Instrument for OT 22 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4199366Supply of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) System22 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4183783Supply of 532nm Green Laser Console22 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4211236Supply of MSK Ultrasound Machine22 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4203789Supply of Shortwave Diathermy Machine22 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4190730Supply of Rotational Thromboelastometer11 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4175298Supply of Portable Ultrasound Machine11 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4156216Supply of All-in-One PC09 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4156483Supply of Multi-Function Machine09 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/40384489 Supply of Vehicle Hiring Services08 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4115150 Set up of VRDL Lab at AIIMS Guwahati on Turnkey Basis(Biosafety Cabinet)08 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4139732Supply of Temporary Single Chamber Pulse Generators06 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4133553 Supply of Radiofrequency Machine06 Nov 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4105629Supply of Upright Fluorescence Microscope 20 Oct 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/4106183 Supply of Portable Ultrasound Machine with LCD Monitor20 Oct 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3916248 Supply of Hospital Linen04 Oct 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3980948Supply of Trans Nasal Endoscopy System 04 Oct 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3893955 Supply of General Operating Table 03 Oct 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3975838Supply of Coblation System with Wand03 Oct 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3966645Procurement of Gowns Operating (Patient Dress- Linen)19 Sep 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3964830Procurement of Surgical Operating ENT Microscope19 Sep 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3627672Supply of Museum Jars and Glassware Items07 Aug 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3777346Supply of Bacteriology Items03 Aug 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3740436Procurement of OT Linen / Drapes02 Aug 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3595933Procurement of E - Tourist Vehicle26 Jul 2023 Click Here
GEM/2023/B/3611503Procurement of Medical Gas18 Jul 2023 Click Here